This weekend PSG visited the The Museo Ferrari in Maranello , where they  got to see some amazing cars.  The museum focuses on Ferrari’s present and future, whilst remaining deeply rooted in the Prancing Horse’s extraordinary history.  Although the museum is amazing the team also got to try out their simulator and experienced driving a Ferrari single-seater on the Monza track, getting use to the shift paddles and no clutch system was a challenge but once they got the hang of it, PSG staff were driving like true F1 drivers.

They also got to try out the Pit Stop, where she experienced how an F1 team actual change a front soma online order wheel of a F1 car.  After a few goes the team appreciated how fast the professionals actually change a front wheel!

The above was an add on to recently gained business which PSG has acquired, for supplying Air Gap Shims for an electric brake which is used in Ferrari.  The team were involved throughout the process and were asked if they would like to visit the plant where the electric brake system is assembled, and this was one offer that the team said yes straight away too.

A truly amazing day and an insight to the world of Ferrari.