Plastic Shims and Gaskets Ltd supply a wide range of industrial grade materials to meet today’s needs within this growing market. Our Polymex® materials are designed to offer high performance over a various applications.

These can also be supplied laminated with high performance adhesives and in total offering characteristics such as with very high compressive and dielectric strengths, very low water absorption, excellent dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures and good resistance to most chemicals.

Apart from our Polymex® range of products we also hold numerous types of materials such as, Polycarbonate, Neoprene, Silicone, Nitrile / Insertion Rubber, Cork, Foams, Poron®, Gap Pad®, SilPad®, Klinger® and many more. With 27 years of industrial experience we are proud to be a part of British manufacturing and have the solution to your requirements.