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Brexit and PSG – Plastic Shims & Gaskets


Brexit appears to be the ‘hot topic’ of the moment in regards to how this will affect the British manufacturing market, there seems to be a current fear as to how this will affect British businesses. Of course the uncertainty is a worry for any business however; here at PSG Group LTD we are making the best out of this current situation. The past week has been a tumultuous one in the world of business and politics following the Brexit vote. Undoubtedly there is still much to mull over the effect on business, however we wish to assure all our clients and business associates its business as usual at PSG. We continue to provide quality service that our clients are accustomed to and our long term relationships with suppliers across the world remains largely unaffected.

We want to see this as a positive and encouraging future for the British manufacturing market. There being a drop in sterling can actually make Britain more enticing for other countries to trade with as they can get more for their money ,which ultimately means we can manufacture more as a country (not just at PSG Group.) We are not entering negotiations until 2018 so we can reassure our customers you will be receiving the same fantastic service from PSG Group as normal regardless of the referendum!

Irrespective of Brexit there is currently a slow development of the expansions of the markets in Europe; this indicates a strong growth in exports for Britain, a promising indication for the British manufacturing markets. Regardless of whether or not we are in the European market the European countries will still rely on our high class, advanced mechanical and high tech British manufacturing!
We want to assure all our customers at PSG Group ltd that we will continue to always produce the best products worldwide regardless of Brexit; we can only get better! Please take a look at our website or call one of our helpful advisors whom will gladly assist you and your business.

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