Shims are a small piece of equipment which is normally overlooked in its importance. These small pieces of material are used to fill small spaces in-between gaps; shims are an essential piece of equipment which are crucial for the smooth running of anything from factory machines to cars!

Here at PSG Group we manufacture our plastic and metal shims to meet the particular demands of the engineering, automotive, electrical and electronic industries. With nearly three decades of expertise we know the right components and specifications to suit our client’s requirements and solutions to a vast range manufacturing problems.

The majority of our staff have been here for many years and has grasped a huge knowledge in the industry, ensuring our customers receive the best advice on products and are given the very best suitable products best for their requirements.  We always assign staff members who are experts in the products you need! Here at PSG we ensure we know our customers’ accounts ensuring we deliver the service you deserve!

Here at PSG we think of ourselves as a family business, in the hope we can build a business relationship we hope continues over the years, rather than a one off business transaction.